I am a registered midwife, qualified hypnotherapist and pregnancy yoga teacher based near Stokesley,  North Yorkshire. From November 2018 I have THREE OPTIONS available for couples;

1:1 Hypnobirthing course ( 2 x 4 hour sessions) £150

1 day Practical Birth Preparation course ( 6 hour day) £100

A  2 day weekend course  – one full day of hypnobirthing for women and one full day of practical birth preparation yoga for both women and partners. £250. Click here to find out more about this exciting new programme, unique to North Yorkshire.

In my one to one hypnobirthing workshop I teach you and your partner the techniques of self-hypnosis. With some  easy and regular practice you will be able to use these techniques to cope calmly  whatever your labour journey.

In my job as a hospital midwife I often supported women who had not prepared mentally for labour and being scared made them really tense and everything  so much harder to deal with. They would dread the next contraction and tense up in anticipation which made it more painful so made them even more scared and so they got stuck in a viscous circle. Her birth partner was often very unsure what to do and how to help.

Compare that to a woman who has prepared her mind by practising her self hypnosis in her pregnancy. She knows that hypnobirthing doesn’t guarantee a pain free labour or the type of birth she wants – but she understands the benefit of staying calm, relaxed and in control no matter what happens.  She and her birth partner  have learned and practiced how to do this and they feel confident about how to work as a team in labour.

It may be that you’re not feeling anxious or scared about labour but still want to learn the tools and techniques to have a positive birth experience. The course is perfect for helping dads to learn what’s going to happen and how they can be a real part of your labour journey.

Are you reading this thinking ‘ yeah right –  but my partner wouldn’t attend anything like this’? Read what some of the dads said after attending the course;

” Before we did your course I honestly didn’t think it would work because it ( hypnobirthing) isn’t my kind of thing. But I was really surprised how it helped. It was such as good feeling knowing what I was doing was helping her. I felt I could do so much more than just sit by her side. I was surprised how calm she was. She isn’t very good with pain and I expected her to panic more but she was so calm and took it all in her stride.” Dave 2016

” I highly recommend the course to birth partners and mothers. It makes the imminent birth feel less daunting “ James 2018

“It’s good that James now has a clear role and we both feel prepared” Steph 2018

Expectant dad Alex after the birth of his baby ” Labour was amazing! The course helped me prepare. I learned that I could be confident in our judgement and didn’t have to do as we were told but could have conversations about each step and what we wanted with midwives”.

“Anne is very knowledgeable and great at speaking to the group. She made it easy to understand each topic”. Mark, December 2016

“Anne is super easy to get on with and very knowledgeable. I feel like I have known her ages! The course was much better than I thought it would be.” Mark, April 2018

I have seen lots of birth partners who struggle with knowing what to do in labour. So they end up playing games on their phone or going out of the room all the time! My hypnobirthing course teaches birth partners all about hypnosis and what they can do to really support you. They learn how to confidently manage the birthing room and what questions they can ask the midwife;

“We got transferred from the birth unit to the other hospital and had to keep moving from high to low dependency but I got my water birth and hypnobirthing experience with just gas and air so we were elated. My husband was an absolute rock and stuck to what we wanted despite the doctors suggesting interventions”

I run one to one courses in North Yorkshire. The course is 7-8 hours long but we will work out what exactly what you need according to whether this is your first baby or second/ third and whether you are attending other antenatal classes. The course runs over two half days or  3-4 evenings depending on your availability.

Close-up of pregnant woman sitting cross-legged on exercise mat


Read more birth stories from women who used the techniques of self hypnosis after attending my course.